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Speech Coaching

Speech coaching provides instruction in the enhancement of an individual’s speaking voice and communication skills. Speech coaching encompasses work on clarity, tone, projection, breath, presentation skills, public speaking, executive presence, accent modification, preparation technique, impromptu speaking, and media training, among many other subdisciplines.

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We offer sessions in at our studio located at 242 W 38th St. 11th Floor, New York, NY 10018 or you can book a Virtual Session.

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Your appointment will be in person at 242 W 38th St. 11th Floor, New York, NY 10018.

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Take a virtual lesson using Zoom (or Skype, FaceTime, Hangouts, etc.) wherever in the world you may be.

Speech Coaching Rates

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Senior Instructor

Senior Instructors have 10+ years of experience in speech coaching and have established themselves as globally renowned corporate and executive coaching experts.

If interested in working with Brendan, our Head of Corporate Training, please contact assistant@newyorkspeechcoaching.com

Private coaching packages with Brendan begin at $8,500.

  • Brendan Houdek

Senior Instructor

Price: $425/hr.

Senior Instructors are renowned, sought-after industry experts in speech coaching. Depending on availability, this can include:

Lead Instructor

Price: $325/hr.

Lead Instructors have many years of experience, with deep expertise in all areas of speech coaching and the needs of our clients. Depending on availability, this can include:

Associate Instructor

Price: $225/hr.

Our Associate Instructors offer an array of experience and expertise to suit your individual speech goals. Depending on availability, this can include:

Pilot Instructor

Price: $125/hr.

Pilot Instructors are coaches who have experience in speech coaching outside of our organization and continue their professional development under our auspices. Depending on availability, this can include:

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Brontë England-Nelson

Brontë is invested in helping clients develop a sense of authenticity, generosity, and confidence in their communication.

Caleb Shomaker

Caleb specializes in confidence in presentations, vocal depth and strength, leadership in speech, and accent acquisition, Caleb has coached professionals from Uber, Google, Unilever, Shearman & Sterling, the Department of Education, and the Swedish-American Chamber of Congress, among others.

Courtney Armstrong

Courtney Armstrong (MS, CCC-SLP) is a speech-language pathologist with extensive experience in accent modification training and public speaking. Her technical degree and research background combine with her love of interpersonal connection to provide holistic client-centered therapy.

Daniel Reece

Daniel Reece is a speech instructor with over ten years of experience in education. With a background in performance, Daniel fosters authenticity in his approach to voice and speech. He works with clients to explore their instrument with curiosity and guides them toward a visceral, full-body consciousness of their range and power.

Joel Rainwater

Joel Rainwater comes to New York Speech Coaching after previously working with The Promentum Group as a speech coach, delivery consultant, and speech content creator for former professional athletes, CEOs, and keynote speakers.

Joti Patel

Joti Patel is an Executive Coach with a multifaceted career in business and the arts with communication as the common thread. Her unique skill set has served as an ideal foundation for providing high-value communication for global organizations across legal, finance, retail, tech, health, and service sectors.

Lorene Chesley

Lorene’s passion for teaching is in her DNA. After developing a love for education observing her grandmother, a stellar educator in the Charles County, Maryland public schools, Lorene combined teaching with her love of theater and discovered that coaching was a natural fit.

Tricia Veldman

Currently residing in Savannah, GA, Tricia is an associate speech coach, able to reach clients virtually all over the world, and Head of Georgia Speech Coaching. She is a certified bilingual speech-language pathologist.

Wolfe Lanier

Wolfe believes your ability to share and express your authentic self is a gift to the world. Small talk doesn't have to feel arduous, and large-scale engagements don't have to feel overbearing. Together, Wolfe is passionate about helping clients find the power of their voice.

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Prior to commencing lessons, please ensure your comfort with our unwavering Cancellation Policy. Clients are responsible for the full lesson price if cancelled within 24 hours. Additionally, there is a fifty dollar (per lesson hour) fee for cancellations within 48 hours. Be aware that “rescheduling” requests within these time frames are considered cancellations. We are unable to make any exceptions regardless of circumstance, including sickness, last minute work meetings, etc.

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